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David Kanzen
David Kanzen
Discovering crypto in mid 2017, I knew this was a space I wanted to be involved in, Very soon I got fed up of manually trying to track my performance in spreadsheets. With an extensive background in e-commerce and online sales, I quickly recognised the opportunity to provide a service like CMM to the crypto community and so we began our journey!

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Simeon Howard
Simeon Howard
I'd been interested in the Blockchain and Crypto Currency sector for some time and as soon as I understood how these technologies could shape our future, it became a very exciting proposition. Having bought Bitcoin early on, and starting to trade alt coins as a hobby, me and the team noticed a distinct lack of helpful support for the BTC stacking community. We started building CMM straight away. A dashboard for the community, by the community.

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Simeon Howard

Gary Lee
Gary Lee
I've been a software developer for 26 years and got interested in crypto when first hearing about Bitcoin. As the industry matured and alt coin trading became more prominent, the status quo of excel spreadsheets to manage BTC stacking became unacceptable to me. We then set out to create a crypto portfolio tracker that the community, not only desperately needed, but one that you couldn't live without, on a day to day basis.

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Gary Lee


How we do what we do!
We built Coin Market Manager to
assist in our trading quest to increase our BTC stacks!

We believed that the current crypto portfolio trackers on the market were not delivering the data that the community required, so we went about creating an all-in-one portfolio & crypto market tracking solution.
Growth Tracking
Coin Market Manager endeavours to focus value around in-depth BTC value growth tracking, all instantly available with the simple upload of a Read Only API Key.

Most importantly, a system that clearly displays the BTC value of trades and overall trade position, as accurately as possible.
Smart Data Solutions
We also came up with unique solutions to displaying exchange data, such as:
  • The "LEG" system, that breaks down your historic trade data into fully open and closed leg positions, providing users with the clearest, most logical way for you to track and analyse your progress.
  • The conversion hub, which enables users to easily convert non-BTC base pair trades into BTC, maintaining your portfolio data by displaying a true BTC value position.
We hope you enjoy our platform, and would love to hear from you, so please feel free to contribute any feedback and feature requests, at our COMMUNITY page. After all, we are building this for you!

CMM Team
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