Lifetime FREE access to Coin Market Man with CMM UNLOCKED

Lifetime FREE access to Coin Market Man with CMM UNLOCKED

By David - October 04, 2020

We're proud to announce the launch of CMM UNLOCKED - A new initiative allowing you to gain lifetime FREE access to all CMM features, just for using our exchange referral links.

Our API Manager will automatically recognise any CMM referred trading account and instantly upgrade the slot to CMM UNLOCKED status. The account can then benefit from lifetime free access to all CMM features for as long as it remains connected and in use.

Co-Founder, David Kanzen comments: "We are so excited to pivot to a business model literally everyone can benefit from. Especially the smaller traders that couldn't quite justify the cost of a CMM subscription relative to the size of their trading account.

Now traders of all levels and sizes can utilise our services for free, and the business can receive an income from the exchanges. We can then use these resources to expand the team, and improve Coin Market Man for all our users. Its really just such a perfect model"

Visit the CMM UNLOCKED landing page now to learn more and get started


Safe Trading Team CMM