We are Waiving Payments for a Month

We are Waiving Payments for a Month

By David - March 16, 2020

In light of world events, we wanted to do what little we can to help.

Effective immediately - Coin Market Manager will be temporarily FREE for everyone. Accounts have been upgraded automatically, and will last until April 16th (1 month from now).

Whilst we are financially motivated, we have no intention of trying to profit off people in the midst of a global crisis. The economy is grinding to a halt, and many businesses are under threat as the world enters into a state of self-quarantine.

CMM was designed to support all levels of trader through the ever-lasting battle of maintaining consistent profitability. With in-depth easy to analyse data, we provide the feedback you need to help hone your edge and improve your trading over time.

Many traders were blindsided by the severity of the recent drop, and have experienced significant draw downs in total net worth. Our stance is a gesture of support, and encouragement to those that were hit hardest. We hope you get back on top of your trading and work harder than ever to keep getting better.

We promise to continue building out new tools and upgrades to help you do just that.

We are also days away from releasing our journaling features which will auto-sync with your trade data, and further assist you in your efforts. More on that to follow

To all our active paid users, your subscription period will be automatically extended to reflect the extra days.

Safe trading & be well

Team CMM