8 Ways To Be Like FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried

8 Ways To Be Like FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried

By David - March 01, 2021

Sam is indirectly creating a blueprint for other innovators to follow in the crypto space. In a short period of time, his reputation has leveraged over 100x, and none of it seems forced.

This clearly indicates he’s got certain traits that propel him to succeed in anything he puts his mind to.

At the root of his lifestyle is altruism: Disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

His altruistic mindset compels him to make sure the end goal of everything he does in life and in business is service to the people — this makes it almost impossible for him to never deliver value.

So now, we’ve identified 8 other traits that can be replicated to achieve his level of significance in the crypto space:

1: Constantly Interact With Crypto Twitter

CT is a digital world where crypto users engage, argue, and share the latest information. So as a cryptopreneur, it’s in your best interest to utilise the platform as much as possible. It’s no secret to why there’s a bitcoin icon when you use the icon on Twitter.

More importantly, Sam uses CT as a stage to deliver value to the community. He’s not spending most of his time on the platform engaging in unproductive arguments.

2: Show Your Face

Most successful crypto projects have one thing in common — founder transparency. This is about revealing yourself to build trust with others who’d like to learn more about your projects.

People are more convinced when they see real faces behind a project. This is because it sends the message that you’re prepared to be 100% accountable for it.

3: Create Something That Adds Value

You’re defined by the value your project brings to a community or space. This is why everyone knows who the founders are of Binance, Ethereum, and EOS. The value they bring to crypto is dictating its future.

This is what Sam is doing with FTX — tokenising stocks on the blockchain which makes it more comfortable for crypto users to buy stocks, and for stock investors to be more interested in blockchain.

4: Create a Dream Team Around You

Sam may be the face of FTX, but he wouldn’t be successfully running it without the right people. The team around him is just as important as his involvement.

Having a dream team allows you to be focused on your objectives as you won’t have to worry about inconsistencies and errors. While errors are unavoidable, you can trust your dream team to resolve them effectively.

5: Use Personal Branding As Leverage

Sam’s previous experience before FTX is what helped give FTX immediate attention. Knowing that it’s someone with success who’s committing to making a demanded project provides assurance.

So, if you’ve got experience in a related area to what you’re engaging in now, make your history known to the public to build immediate trust.

6: Constantly Update The Community With What’s On Your Mind

Sam is always appearing in interviews and speaking about his history, progress and thoughts on current projects.

His perspective of crypto and its future makes him applicable to be a thought leader. But he was only viewed as one when he used other people’s platforms to share his mind.

7: See Things From An Unbiased Point of View

Sam always aims to understand different viewpoints on a subject matter. This way of thinking may have been developed from his institutional trading experience.

This is because trading requires eliminating mental bias for optimum performance. Having no bias helps you accept when you’re wrong, and most importantly move forward.

8: Don’t Be Afraid To Move Forward

Sam could've stayed in his comfort zone as a quant trader however, he saw a greater vision and made the conscious decision to go ahead and make it happen.

So, taking the chance to do something bigger is a habit you should acquire. The only way to acquire it is through repetition.

Keep practising moving forward until it becomes second nature for you.

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