Michael Saylor’s Top 10 Tweets In 2020

Michael Saylor’s Top 10 Tweets In 2020

By David - December 25, 2020

Michael Saylor is the founder of MicroStrategy — the company that’s always in the news for buying millions of bitcoin. If you’re involved with Crypto Twitter, you would’ve seen at least one of his incredibly written tweets that describe bitcoin.

Today, we bring you some of his best tweets that have you convinced he’s hired a ghostwriter (he has stated that all his tweets are his own).

1: Bitcoin is a bank in cyberspace, run by incorruptible software, offering a global, affordable, simple & secure savings account to billions of people that don’t have the option or desire to run their own hedge fund.

A description of Bitcoin like this helps those who are not in the space quickly have an accurate perception of it. Imagine describing Bitcoin as a distributed ledger to someone who’s never heard of crypto — people won’t understand a word you’re saying.

This definition of Bitcoin is described with jargon everyone can understand, especially other institutional investors.

2: Every investor is in danger of losing their wealth due to the great monetary inflation. We all need a Store of Value that is not based on fiat. Bitcoin is The Solution - an investment grade, safe haven, treasury reserve asset.

As most people know, the world is changing before our very eyes and the dollar is losing its value. To preserve your wealth, you have to consider a non-fiat solution such as bitcoin or gold.

In a world that’s going more digital, bitcoin undoubtedly receives more value which is why bitcoin is seen as an attractive store of value.

3: Questioning the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is about as silly as questioning the intrinsic value of New York City

Investors that downplay bitcoin usually do so because it has no intrinsic value. Michael’s response makes people realize the intrinsic value of bitcoin is irrelevant. People invest in bitcoin because of its growing trust and adoption which will provide good returns for those who get in early.

4: Bitcoin is the greatest monetary athlete of our time. Superstar athletes are exceptional, enigmatic, & erratic in their first decade as they learn & master their craft. In their second decade, they crush everyone and everything in their path.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. We haven’t seen anything perform like bitcoin in human history. It’s only 13 years old and its growth is already rivaling top-performing assets that have been around for decades.

5: Apple is a mobile network, Google is a search network, Facebook is a social network, Bitcoin is a monetary network.

This tweet is pretty much saying that bitcoin has established its place in society just as much as how Google and Facebook have done so. Michael describing bitcoin as a monetary network indicates he believes in its potential to become the world’s medium of exchange soon — as Satoshi did.

6: 21st-century investors lost trillions clinging to 20th-century ideas. Gold peaked in the 19th century. Buy Bitcoin.

Holding and trusting in old ideas like fiat is what will ultimately decrease your wealth over time due to inflation. Michael believes gold has already served its purpose and no longer has momentum left in its tank.

Bitcoin is a new idea that makes perfect sense in our world today.

7: The magic of Bitcoin isn’t the transfer of money to someone 10,000 miles away - it is the transfer of money to someone 10,000 days away.

Three words — return on investment.

Having bitcoin now is almost like having an irrefutable claim to more money in the future. Plus, bitcoin’s price performance gives us the confidence to believe the money holders will receive is incomparable to any asset of our generation.

8: Bitcoin is 19.3 trillion times more secure than it was 10 years ago, 50x more secure than the next best thing. Gold is still as secure as it was in 1934.

Bitcoin is already hackproof through blockchain technology and each day, it’s becoming more secure due to its ledger growing as more transactions take place.

9: If your investment time horizon is one year, anything might work. If your investment time horizon is one century, one thing might work. #Bitcoin

It’s almost like saying, it’s easy to get lucky gains when you invest in something short-term. But, when it comes to investing long-term, such as for decades, the solutions become more narrow. Bitcoin shows signs of producing the best returns known to mankind.

10: For 953 million people in 20 countries with weakening currencies, #Bitcoin represents something greater than a treasury asset. For them, it’s more like an ark of encrypted energy to escape the flood.

This tweet points out that in some places in the world, bitcoin is much more valuable than we think. For example, Venezuela has been suffering an economic crisis due to hyperinflation and bitcoin is the only way people can preserve their wealth.

Michael may be late to the bitcoin party but he definitely has one of the best perceptions in crypto. With his level of intelligence and financial backing of bitcoin, it’ll be interesting as to bitcoin leverages this momentum.

Recently, we’ve seen Michael and Elon Musk interact on Twitter about using bitcoin for very large transactions:


If Michael is able to influence Elon, there’s nothing stopping him from influencing the rest of the world.

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