Silver vs Litecoin: Is Digital Silver The Better Choice?

Silver vs Litecoin: Is Digital Silver The Better Choice?

By David - April 03, 2021

The #DropSilver campaign has been initiated by the Litecoin community and its creator Satoshi Lee. With Bitcoin battling to make a new ATH, Litecoin is being marketed as the digital silver that will follow Bitcoin on its way to the moon.

While this is likely to happen in a strong bull market, would investors still see value in Litecoin once the run is over, or would they dump it like 90% of other coins?

Litecoin is not appearing in headlines like Bitcoin and Ethereum so, it’s safe to say the hype hasn’t ventured out from Twitter just yet.

But what makes this debate interesting is the belief that silver is projected to do better gains than bitcoin, gold, and Litecoin.

So, is Litecoin picking a fight with the wrong commodity or is it capable of making silver look like a less shiny useless rock?

Let’s find out...

The Use Cases Battle

Litecoin’s Use Cases:

  • An alternative to bitcoin

Silver’s Use Cases:

  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Jewelry
  • Dentistry
  • Photography
  • Medicine
  • Engines
  • Brazing and soldering
  • Chemical production

Crypto can exist without Litecoin, but the 21st century can’t exist without silver.

Many factors make silver maintain its demand every year. Plus, we don’t realize how much we use it in our everyday lives. It’s almost like we’ve been trained to think silver is worthless.

So, it’s interesting that Litecoin fans are tweeting #DropSilver from their smartphones that most likely contain silver...

When it comes to real-world application and consistent demand, silver easily takes lead.

Remember, consistent demand is what helps investors sleep easy at night, as it gives you logical approval to stay in your investments.

Silver’s Ratios

There are 2 reasons why top gold investors are expecting better returns from their silver holdings as opposed to gold:

1: Gold to silver ratio

This ratio represents the historical price difference between gold and silver:

Gold to silver ratio


The chart above shows the ratio in a 25-year range.

As you can see, the ratio has broken its uptrend, and now looks like it’s making a move downward.

If gold maintains or increases in value, we could be seeing serious gains from silver when the ratio starts dropping harder.

2: Dollar to silver ratio

The dollar to silver ratio in 1913: $2.63 per ounce. (Source: US Debt Clock)

The dollar to silver ratio in 2020: $4,454+ per ounce.

Silver today costs less than $30 an ounce.

This makes predictions of silver doing 1,000%+ gains more convincing.

Silver could go down in history for making precious metal investors experience crypto 2017 ICO level gains.

You Can Buy Things With Litecoin, You Can’t Buy Anything With Silver

Despite silver being more valuable than fiat, the replacement of paper cash has downgraded silver’s public status from money to an asset. Most places in the world and online don’t accept silver as a means of payment.

This has put silver at the back of the currency race.

There has been no progression for fiat to be backed by silver, and with the world going digital, Litecoin presents itself as the solution that exceeds the technology of our current payment systems.

Cryptos just have too much momentum for silver and gold to be considered in a future payments discussion.

While this doesn’t affect the potential price movements of silver, it does contribute to cryptos like Litecoin getting more attention, and more liquidity, thus a faster return on investment. ** ****The community matters more than the actual precious metal.**

Today, we use a fiat-based system for payments because the majority of people years ago accepted it.

If the community begins to accept crypto more and more, it eventually becomes the medium of exchange we use. Even if books could be written on how silver is more valuable than Litecoin, it won’t matter.

The people who talk about precious metals having intrinsic value and crypto having none, seem to forget that humans have intrinsic value too.

So, the volume of people backing a coin like Litecoin is much more influential than the intrinsic value of a precious metal.

Power is in the people.

The people determine what’s valuable.

Litecoin Is Using Bitcoin’s Leverage To Grow Itself

Litecoin’s use cases and claims are just like most cryptocurrencies but here are the major differences, and essentially why Litecoin is always top 10 on CoinMarketCap:

Litecoin has a large community and large liquidity on exchanges.

Whenever Bitcoin gets adopted somewhere, you’ll likely find Ethereum and Litecoin there too. For example, PayPal.

The majority of people agree that Litecoin is digital silver:

Litecoin is digital silver

Bitcoin leads and the rest of the world look to find out what’s behind Bitcoin, and Litecoin seems to keep appearing.

On top of that, the Litecoin community is creating crypto adoption solutions with Litecoin as a main instrument.

So far we’ve seen:

  • Litecoin ATMs — use fiat to buy Litecoin quickly
  • Litecoin virtual cards — pay for everyday things with Litecoin
  • Litecoin mobile wallets — store, transfer, and receive Litecoin

Most of these adoption instruments are created because of Bitcoin’s potential and increase in demand. But, if those creators are part of Litecoin’s community or are simply supportive of crypto, you can safely assume Litecoin’s integration will come next.

Ultimately, this gives Litecoin a claim to future gains anytime Bitcoin skyrockets

To Conclude

It all seems like a misunderstanding on both sides.

The Litecoin community has underlooked silver’s ROI potential, and haven’t realized how much silver contributes to the world we live in today.

The precious metals community are still yet to accept that the world is going digital, and that gives cryptos more opportunities to be used in society.

Litecoin and silver both present strong reasons to be part of your long-term holdings.

So, while the #DropSilver agenda is making Litecoin more noticeable in the short-term, it’s stopping many millennials from getting into silver (during one of the most profitable times to enter).

Litecoin and silver both play different roles in society but because silver is 2nd to gold, and Litecoin is 2nd to Bitcoin, the communities going against each other is inevitable.

Silver is a precious metal making it possible for us to have electronics, high-tech devices, and modern tools.

Litecoin is part of the lifeblood that fuels the decentralized world, and makes it possible to transact money without any boundaries.

The truth is, they’re just too different for a competitive comparison.

Take away the bias in both, and you’ll see the value in both.

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