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Consolidate all your position from multiple exchange in one

Deep dive to uncover successful trading patterns

Track your account balance and watch your net worth grow

Account Value & USD Overall PNL

Connect With Exchanges

View all deposits/withdrawals. Monitor all your exchange balances, and your overall account PNL in both BTC and FIAT.

All Position in One Place

Monitor all open trade positions, and an aggregated overall unrealised / realised PNL.

Account Value & USD Overall PNL

Advance Trade History View

Advance Trade History View

Automatically pull and generate a full, all access breakdown of your closed trade history, with in-depth analysis and insights.

Charted visuals of each trade execution including MFE, buys/sells and open/close.

Automatically calculated account gain per trade.

All data is automatically generated in just 1-click saving you tens of hours of manual data entry.

Performance Chart

Visualise your performance over a customisable range of trades.

Performance Chart

Advance Trade Analytics

Advance Trade Analytics

View in-depth account stats such as win rates, avg win/losses, and most profitable trading times. Are you more successful with longs or shorts?

How much do you spend on fees and funding?

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