Automated Crypto Trading Journal

Journaling is one the most crucial habits a trader needs to practice. There are countless studies proving the countless benefits of journaling, including boosting memory, and strengthening your self-discipline.

In the context of trading, this means you will better remember and learn from the mistakes, and the good trading decisions you make. Trading is a skill that takes work and effort. Some can spend years fine tuning strategies and systems - and the only way to learn and improve is to analyse your trades, and learn from the feedback that data provides.

At the same time, people can be notoriously lazy. Extensive journaling can be long and tedious work, with countless hours spent on manual data entry. This is where we come in!

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint! Put the work in to better yourself, and the results will come. Coin Market Manager are here to help you along the way.

Import Trades


Select from your connected exchanges, and instantly pull trade data to pre-populate new journal entries

Charts and Tagging


Create a thread of notes including links to your charts to talk about what you saw, why you entered, and anything else you think is relevant to mention.

Create descriptive TAGS for your trades. These will then allow you filter through your trades later down the line when you are analysing your performance.

Identify the TAGS that feature most in your winning and losing trades, to learn about where you need to improve, and double down on habits.


Utilise a host of advanced in-depth analytics to learn about where you can improve your trading habits.

Overview Report


Get an overview of your performance, from your average R per trade, to average account risk, and the profit factor of your trading system.

Get a warning message if youre using too much risk, along with an indication of potential losses.

View a breakdown of all your trades. What were your best winning trades, and worst losing trades.

Are you a better shorter or longer?

Tag Report


View a breakdown of all your trades organised by tag.

Tags allow you to group trades together by setup personal to you and your style. Comprehensive tagging can lead to incredible insights on the performance of your favoured setups and styles

Learn about which setups work best for you, and where to focus your attention.

Similarly, learn about which setups perform worst for you, and avoid.

Trade Duration Report


A breakdown of your trades by trade length.

Where should you focus your attention, and which durations should you avoid?

Trade Size Report


A breakdown of your trades by size.

Is there a particular trade size that perform best with. Or a size you should avoid?

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