Road Map

This is our roadmap of upcoming features: everything we are brainstorming and have in development, you will be able to find here. If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions or just want to say hi, please feel free to Contact us
In Development
Updated account analytics
Updates to the existing auto-generated trade history analytics

- Trade duration report
- Trade size report
- Profit factor
- Tidy up UI
- Trading Volume reporting
- MFE/MAE averages and reporting
Binance Futures
Add Binance Futures compatibility
Mobile App!
An app for the mobile!
Total Net Worth Chart
Store users balance once each day, and begin to paint a portfolio balance growth chart to visualise your daily portfolio movement.

Creating an accurate mockup of your historic balance history is extremely difficult. We would need to know exactly what you were holding, and its price at the time. 2 hurdles that are not easy to overcome and will take lots of thought
Telegram Bot
Get notifications of things like when orders fill, balance updates etc.
Multi-Exchange Overview page
A dedicated page that shows a general overview of all your connected exchanges at a glance
Add Coinbase Pro
Add API compatibility for the Coinbase Pro exchange
Binance Margin
Add Binance Margin compatibility.

Currently not able to pick up and account for Binance Margin transactions
Phemex Integration
Phemex exchange integration
PrimeXBT Integration
PrimeXBT exchange integration
Jan 2021
FTX Integration
FTX futures integration, and basic spot tracking
Nov 2020
CSV Trade History Download
Generate & download fully customisable CSV reports of your derivative trade history, separated by daily activity, arranged by month.
Sep 2020
Simplified Pricing Model
We got rid of all bolt-ons and created 2 all-in-one packages. Both packages now include unlimited conversion credits to correct your data, and unlimited trade storage space for all your exchanges.

No longer selling individual extra account slots. The ENTERPRISE package costs slightly more than the PRO package and comes with an extra 20 exchange account slots. If you need any more than that, contact us!
May 2020
CMM Verification & Profiles
The option for users to create their own public facing account showcase page compiled using data taken direct from their API keys.

Hosted and verified by us
Monthly Subscription Payments
Allow users the option to pay monthly for the CMM Pro upgrade
Apr 2020
Journal Privacy Mode
Toggle a privacy switch to hide your SIZE and WALLET BALANCE across the journal
Journal Analytics
Advanced journaling analytics from trade reporting, to tag reports allowing you to analyse your trading habits and learn where improvements could be made
Exchange Request
You can now easily request an exchange from the drop down in your API manager
UI Tidy Up
Hide watchllist at the top of the page and make expandable

Cleaner navigation in top right of dashboard
Open Interest Market Scanner
Live feed of trades and real-time impact on open interest
Mar 2020
BitMEX/Bybit Account Risk Calculator
Now available in the Math Lab. Work out your account risk on any position
Trading Journal
A place to easily journal your trades. Auto-sync any of your trades from your dashboard to your Journal to pre-populate the data we know - thus saving you countless hours of manual entry!

You will be able to upload accompanying images, and thread previous entries together.
Position Sharing
You can now share open positions with friends and followers! Generate an image snapshot URL displaying your positions.

The snapshot is hosted on our servers, and generated using data pulled directly from your exchange API. This means its impossible for you to tamper/falsify the data in the snapshot, and therefore acts as a form of verification.
Feb 2020
Add Bybit
Add API compatibility with the ByBit exchange
Jan 2020
Multiple Exchange Accounts
Add multiple accounts from the same exchange to count towards a singular TOTAL NET WORTH.

BitMEX Trade History & Analysis
Fully analyse your BitMEX trade history. See every trade youve ever made since the beginning of your account

Various other in depth analysis and statistics of this data
Mar 2019
Position Size Calculator
A tool in the math lab that will allow you to quickly calculate how much to invest in a position based on the % risk you enter.
BTC <> FIAT Converter
A tool in the math lab that will allow you to instantly view the FIAT value of any entered BTC amount, and vice versa
Create a Roadmap
Create a Roadmap system users can vote on.
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