Stacking More Bitcoin for Spot Traders with CMM

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Stacking More Bitcoin for Spot Traders with CMM

Track all your spot assets from multiple exchanges in one place

Observe your investments in real time with PNL reports

Reflect live BTC values of your assets

Real Time Assets Overview

Live Investment PNL Summary

View BREAK EVEN prices and ROLLING PNL along with live price updates, an aggregated rolling P/L for all positions and % change against your exchange balance in real time.

Wallet & Asset Allocation Summary

Watch your exchange wallet value in both Bitcoin and FIAT move in real-time.

Real Time Assets Overview

Showcase Real Time

Performance & Analytics

Customise Verification Page

Performance & Analytics

Exchange Profit & Loss Report

Track all transactions in and out of the exchange, and monitor your trading progress.

Truly Accurate Reporting

Accurately track all your gains in both BTC and FIAT by converting all transactions to their time specific FIAT and BTC values.

Full Trade History Breakdown

LEG System

Track and analyse your progress with the ‘Leg System’ where eachconcluded trade is segregated into "LEG"s. Each leg breaks down stats from the trade including avg buys, sells, and total REALISED PNL.

Historic Trade Data

View summaries of all your past trades on the exchange and expand any asset to view the full trade history.

Full Trade History Breakdown

Track Derivatives Performance

Intuitive Conversion System

Customise Verification Page

Intuitive Conversion System

Convert to BTC Values

Convert all your non-BTC base pair trades to their BTC value at the exact moment of trade execution.

Unifying your trade history to Bitcoin values allows for 100% accurate profit/loss tracking.

Start Connecting Exchanges & Track All Your Assets in One Place

CMM supports a wide variety of exchanges and assets

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