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Traders using CMM are 3x more likely to be profitable compared to those who don't journal their trades. Enhance your trading now with our automated insights.

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Data driven insights
at your fingertips

Your personalized dashboard gives dozens of data-driven insights into your trading habits that helps breakdown strengths, strategies, and performance results.

    Do you win more longs or shorts?

    Find out with an in-depth breakdown of your historical performance taking long and short trades.

    Do you win more longs or shorts?

    When is the best time of day to trade?

    See a visual representation of your most and least profitable trading periods by day and time.

    When is the best time of day to trade?

    What is your optimal position size?

    Scale your size up or down based on performance analytics showing your results by position size.

    What is your optimal position size?

    How profitable were you today?

    Review your daily performance with a full spectrum of analytics that show trading volume, profit, and more...

    How profitable were you today?

Track your ranking on our Leaderboard!

Connect an exchange and see where you rank against 11,700+ other top traders using CMM

Track your ranking on our Leaderboard!

Track your ranking on our Leaderboard!

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Its fully Automated!

Study your full trading history in minutes.

    Step 1


    Create a CMM account and login to your trading dashboard.

    Step 2


    Add read-only API keys from your exchange account to auto import your full trading history.

    Step 3


    Review actionable insights from your trade data, and understand your trading habits!

Journal with the best traders in crypto.

Analyze your trading to achieve your goals.

Analyze your trading to achieve your goals.

Why journal your trades?

    Identify Patterns

    Analyzing the historical data from your trading journal shows behavioral patterns you might not realize. Find hidden strengths or weaknesses, and adjust your strategy accordingly to maximize profit!

    Avoid Bias

    Better trading comes from ruthless objectivity. Using a trading journal helps hold you accountable to your wins and losses. Stick to your trading plan, avoid impulsive decisions, and analyze the results in your journal dashboard.

    Observe Progress

    Trading journals log your trades and their outcomes, which helps you see the big picture. With CMM, the journaling process is fully automated! Log in and zoom out to evaluate your success.

Start improving your trading results!

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CMM only uses Read-Only API keys. You can feel secure about connecting your exchanges. We will never request access to your trading account.

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