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As the industry leading trade analytics tools for crypto futures traders, our mission is to help traders of all levels make better trading decisions using the insights we provide.

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Our Partners

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Our leadership team brings years of experience building trading analytics products.

    Simeon Howard

    Simeon Howard


    I'd been interested in the Blockchain and Crypto Currency sector for some time and as soon as I understood how these technologies could shape our future, it became a very exciting proposition. Having bought Bitcoin early on, and starting to trade alt coins as a hobby, me and the team noticed a distinct lack of helpful support for the BTC stacking community. We started building CMM straight away. A dashboard for the community, by the community.

    David Kanzen

    David Kanzen


    Discovering crypto in mid 2017, I knew this was a space I wanted to be involved in, Very soon I got fed up of manually trying to track my performance in spreadsheets. With an extensive background in e-commerce and online sales, I quickly recognised the opportunity to provide a service like CMM to the crypto community and so we began our journey!

World’s Most Popular Automated Journaling & Analytics Tool for Crypto Traders

Since 2018, we’ve helped thousands of traders, both retail and institutional, make better trading decisions with our tool through our industry leading trading insights.


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