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CMM was built to help crypto traders with risk management and responsible trading. Our mission is to design tools that can assist active traders with making more informed data driven trading decisions through journaling, and our signature in-depth trade analytics. Let us help find your edge, and improve your profitability.

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What is Coin Market Manager?

What is Coin Market Manager?

An industry first portfolio tracker, built to help traders manage risk, find their edge, and increase profitability

Responsible Trading

90% of traders lose 90% of their investment within the first 90 days of trading. CMM aims to change the status quo, by providing traders with the tools and insights needed to manage risk, improve profitability and avoid becoming part of the 90/90/90 statistic.

Actionable Analytics

CMM is the only place that can generate truly actionable analytics and feedback of your trading in a click. Gain in-depth insights, automatically pulled via your read-only API keys, and compiled by us in seconds.

Risk Management

Trading is a zero sum game. For every winner there's a loser. Therefore one needs to apply proper risk management to their trading strategies. The tools we provide help to reinforce these principles

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings years of experience building trading analytics products.

Simeon Gabriel Howard

Simeon Gabriel Howard


I'd been interested in the Blockchain and Crypto Currency sector for some time and as soon as I understood how these technologies could shape our future, it became a very exciting proposition.

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David Kanzen

David Kanzen


Discovering crypto in mid 2017, I got into trading. I soon got fed up of manually tracking my performance in spreadsheets. I quickly recognised the opportunity to provide a service like CMM to the crypto community and so we began our journey!

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Gary Lee

Gary Lee


I've been a software developer for 26 years and got interested in crypto when first hearing about Bitcoin. As the industry matured and alt coin trading became more prominent, the status quo of excel spreadsheets to manage BTC stacking became unacceptable to me. We then set out to create a crypto portfolio tracker that the community, not only desperately needed, but one that you couldn't live without, on a day to day basis.

World’s Most Popular Automated Journaling & Analytics Tool for Crypto Traders

Since 2017, we’ve helped thousands of traders, both retail and institutional, to make better trading decisions with our tool, through journaling, and actionable analytics data.


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Community Driven

We are building this platform for you. We hope you enjoy our tools, and would love to hear from you, so please feel free to contribute any feedback and feature requests to us!


We are always looking for ways to improve. Do contact us with your brilliant ideas

Poll & Build

What our members want, is most important, so we'll be running regular poles on what new features you would love to see.


Our community will help shape our future, so sign up, feel free to contribute or just enjoy the ride!

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