The First Fully Automated Crypto Trading Journal

The First Fully Automated Crypto Trading Journal

By David - August 01, 2020

Coin Market Manager are proud to announce the first Fully Automated crypto trade journal

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The journaling of trades is one of the pillars of improvement and progress. Recording your trades teaches you consistency, and discipline. However, can be tedious to manage. Which is where we come in...

Easily import active or concluded trades from your connected exchanges to pre-populate trade data, and save time on boring data entry.

Lets take a look through our best features:

1 - Automated Trade Imports

One of the most useful features of our journaling software.

Import either an open, or any concluded trade from your Bybit or Bitmex accounts.

Auto populate the majority of your trade entry fields within a few clicks!

2 - Update Trades Just as Easily

When you complete a trade, select the UPDATE button

You will be taken back to the trade import page. Refresh trade history and select the newly completed trade.

update trades

3 - Charts and Notes

chart and notes

String multiple charts and notes together for each trade.

Write thoughts about the trade, reasons why you entered, and any other relevant information. TradingView URL snapshots will load previews automatically

4 - Tags

Tagging your trades will be crucial for filtering and analytics later down the line. Tagging your trades with descriptive keywords will allow you to clearly spot patterns in your habits. Learn which setups are profiting the most, and which are costing you.


5 - My Notes

Write down a stream of consciousness in the My Notes section. Post charts, and write down any thoughts and views on the activity you see in the market

Deeper Analytics - Coming Soon

Detailed analytics will follow shortly.

You will be able to view your most/least successful tags, and understand which combination of setups are working best for you.

Learn about what position sizes bring you the best returns. Which of your trade durations have the highest win ratio.

All of these tools, plus more, are the features that make Coin Market Manager the ultimate all round crypto portfolio tracker

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