CMM V2 BETA Launch Announcement

CMM V2 BETA Launch Announcement

By David - July 20, 2022

To our dearest CMM users,

As most of you know, we’ve been working on CMM V2 for the best part of a year.

CMM started 4.5 years ago as a simple crypto portfolio tracker, and has since proudly evolved into the leading trade journaling, tracking & analytics platform for crypto derivatives traders. Assisting thousands of traders in improving, and better managing their trading.

CMM is entirely bootstrapped. The founders invested a few thousand dollars, plus thousands in hours of blood, sweat and tears. As a result, v1 was thrown together by a one man development team, working swiftly to build all the features and infrastructure needed to manage complex exchange APIs, and trade data pulls for tens of thousands of CMM users.

A couple of years later as revenue grew, we expanded our marketing, development, team of UX designers and began rebuilding the entire system from the ground up using the most modern practices and frameworks. Unfortunately, given the incredibly complex nature of the services CMM provides, this was not, and still is not, a simple task.

Almost a year since the rebuild started, and we are proud to FINALLY announce the release of the CMM v2 BETA!

What is meant by BETA you ask?

Well… the truth is, we are very much still in development. But enough is now in place to release a work-in-progress v2.


BRAND NEW INFRASTRUCTURE For all tech lovers - We have moved from a one-server-does-it-all architecture to a very modern container-orchestration in AWS where different services are handling different parts of the site so that we can scale up and down depending on traffic loads. Our deploys will be seamless with CI/CD and we will better be able to push features in a steady pace, or when we desire.

BRAND NEW UI/UX: An incredible new user interface designed by our in-house art team. Freshly upgraded for a significantly enhanced CMM user experience built around our new sidebar layout concept. This includes a brand new Homepage with a consolidated view of all your assets, and open positions across all your connected exchanges.

Before(V1) and After(V2)

ADVANCED FILTERING: You can now select a date range, and a custom combination of symbols, in the PERFORMANCE and ANALYTICS sections, giving you full dynamic control over your trading insights.

UPGRADED ANALYTICS: We’ve added a whole host of new trade analytics inside the main dashboard area, from trade volume stats, to various averages, and long/short specific stats.


AUTOMATED CONVERSIONS: In V1, users had to head over to the conversion hub and manually trigger the conversion of assets into their Bitcoin and Dollar values in order to accurately track PNLs. In V2 we have automated this whole process for the sake of an enhanced frictionless experience. We’ve built up a library of millions of historic price points we can index to instantly convert any asset into any value at any point in time.

SO MUCH MORE: Log in and take a look around! This is only the beginning. Now that the foundations are in place, we will work non-stop to keep improving performance, upgrading features across the site, and later adding more exchange compatibility.


  1. - Plan Extensions + Price Rises: Whilst we are still in BETA, every single non-paying user will automatically be upgraded to a 1-month free trial from today (20th July 2022).
    All paying subscribers of PRO and ENTERPRISE plans will get an automatic 3-month extension to their plans, and will need to create a new subscription for auto-renewals. For clarity, if you still have 200 days left, you will be granted an additional 90 days, but you wont auto-renew after the 290 days are up. All we’re doing is canceling your auto-renewal whilst we upgrade to a new payment architecture.
  2. - Errors & Bugs: There will no doubt be a tonne of bugs and errors across the site. Just know that we have no intention of stopping or taking breaks any time soon. We will be working around the clock cleaning things up until everything is perfect. If you spot any issues or trouble, just ping us an email to or come and chat with us in our Discord:
  3. - Removed the Scanner: We took the difficult decision of removing the CMM scanner. It took up too much resource and maintenance time. Plus quite frankly services like: handle live trade tracking better than anyone.
  4. - Removed Spot Exchanges: As we now serve only derivatives traders, we’ve removed compatibility with spot exchanges Coinbase and Bittrex for now to save resources. We may revisit these at a later date, but for now we are purely focussed on remaining industry leaders in derivative trade tracking.
  5. - Temporarily Restricted BitMEX Tracking: We ran into a lot of trouble with the BitMEX trade data, so in order to not delay v2 BETA launch any further, we’ve just restricted the trade tracking features on BitMEX temporarily. These will be sorted asap
  6. - Temporarily Paused Verification Pages: For the same reasons above, in order to speed up the release of v2 BETA, we chose to continue working on getting verification pages working as soon as v2 BETA was released. They will be ready within weeks or less.
  7. - Temporarily Restricting Reporting: Again, to save delays we’ve put the Reporting functionality on hold across all the exchanges. Reporting will be available again within a few weeks!

The CMM team feels like the shackles are finally off. The new infrastructure allows us to seamlessly fix, update, upgrade and integrate new features. We’re so excited to keep building from here, and maintain our spot as the industries leader in derivatives tracking & analytics.

Safe trading!
Team CMM