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Tips for Sharing Trading Journal Screenshots

Tips for Sharing Trading Journal Screenshots

By CMM Team - 13-Aug-2023

Crypto traders who are active on Twitter have probably seen dozens of screenshots from CMM dashboards shared in posts, threads, streams, and more by serious traders. Not only does the CMM team enjoy seeing and resharing these screenshots, but traders enjoy revealing some of their performance data after a series of successful trades. 

Sharing data from a trading journal should be done carefully, however. 

This article highlights a couple key features that makes sharing data from the automated trading journal and analytics dashboard safe...and easy! 

Chart Export Button


Instead of manually capturing screenshots with a keyboard shortcut or browser extension, every dashboard now features a sharing hot button. 

Clicking this button generates a cleanly formatted image with an array of performance data and, of course, a profit and loss line chart from the timeframe the user selects. 

After clicking the Save as PNG button show in the image on the right, traders can easily share this graphic on Twitter, Discord, Telegram or anywhere else in a few clicks. 

Screenshot Privacy Toggle

Traditional screenshots are okay too! Many traders prefer to capture elements of their journal for sharing publicly or in private groups with a few keyboard strokes. 


But often it takes some resizing, adjusting, editing and other alterations to hide sensitive data (e.g., account size, position sizes, profit dollar mounts) from the shared screenshot. 

These steps are easy to avoid! Account size and other data can easily be hidden with the eye-toggle feature at the top of the dashboard. Show in the image below is the privacy toggle feature that hides portfolio amounts from the screen before users take screenshots. 

Simply turn off the toggle to see the numbers again after capturing the screenshot. 

Share, Share, Share!

Community is one of the best parts of trading crypto, and sharing trading performance data is fun! CMM users are encouraged to safely share data from their journals when they feel inclined to, and the team at CMM will always engage, support and amplify attention to their progress.